About Dolphin Olympics

Who said the Olympics were just limited to human beings? With the Dolphin Olympics games , you’ll not only get an exciting time guiding these amazing sea creatures to do About Dolphin Olympicsextremely astonishing stunts, but you’ll also develop quick reflexes and analytical thinking skills. The main idea of the game is simple: to navigate your dolphin through the waters and do as many tricks as possible within the time limit. The more complicated the tricks are, the higher points are awarded to your dolphin. Pressing the up arrow key moves your dolphin, while the left and right arrow keys navigate the direction. The down arrow key spins the dolphin for better moves. The game starts as you navigate your dolphin in the water with a time limit. By pressing the keys you make you can make your dolphin jump in the air so you can perform your tricks something similar can be found in unblocked QWOP game. There are special rings that extend the timer when your dolphin passes through them. The tricky part is to time your landing properly so you can continue doing more tricks. If you land your dolphin flat on the surface of the water, you slow down, prompting you to restart the momentum, wasting time. A good way is to make sure that your dolphin is tilted forward as it lands so it doesn’t stop. The first three versions of the game (Dolphin Olympics 1, 2 and 3) are simply focused on you making your dolphin do tricks under the time limit. The fourth installation of the game, however, is more of a campaign where you navigate your dolphin among the planets to save the kidnapped prime minister. Overall, Dolphin Olympics is a very good game for children of all ages; with its fun and witty challenges, you are definitely in for a good time as you watch these cute creatures of the sea and their amazing stunts.

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