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If you enjoy playing tricky and violent video games, then Happy Wheels Demo is designed for you. This video game is founded on ragdoll physics. The creator of the game is Jim Bonacci. All the ideas, including hilarious map names and character designs, are attributed to him.

Happy wheels is very exciting and you should be ready to get used to failing and marrying, blowing, and eliminating the characters. You’ll find more fun in eliminating the characters compared to winning the game.

Enjoy Happy Wheels Demo @ OUR BLOGInstructions
While there are simple directions that should be followed throughout this game, each level comes with its own directions that change as the game progresses. Eventually, you need to go through the board until the end of a given level while still alive. You have to reach there by any means or you’ll end up as a dreadful half-body zombie.

In the game, you will find instructions and hints to help you get through. You need to meet certain goals in order to move to the next level. Usually, you will find out the different ways to fake death in order to get through. The best thing is that you can proceed to the various levels as you discover how to fake death to get through.

The controls are quite easy to learn and use. Simply use the up arrow to move forward and to move backward, press the down arrow. The space button allows you to jump and it is easy to control your speed with the up and down arrows when jumping. Use the Z key to move from your craft. This will often result in exciting results, something that you can often use throughout the game. You can replace the space bar with the Ctrl and shift keys for certain levels or they might serve different roles depending on the level.

Happy Wheels Demo gives you a range of characters for you to choose from. Each character comes with a unique wheel craft. Some of the most prominent characters include a dude in a wheelchair, wh o has the unique ability to advance the wheelchair with the aid of a rocket connected to it. There is also a bizarre character, a segway dude who has the special ability to jump. There is also an irresponsible parent along with his child.

happy wheels dad meme - funny one
While playing the Happy Wheels Demo, you need to be wary of traps, spikes, and any moving objects. Levels come with puzzles that require you to push boxes, discover switches, and strike levers, so you have to explore different actions throughout the game.

Enjoy the game!

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