How to be best at Apple Shooter


apple shooter

For a nice little entertainment, we will shoot someone in the head. Well, may be a little higher. In this game Apple Shooter, the objective is to shoot the arrow into the apple which lies above a person head. Sound easy enough, but it could be a wonderful pastime for all the office workers during break times ( work hours if your boss is not around), for the straining college student during a boring lecture, or even for a housewife/househusband waiting for the laundry to finish. Did i say easy? May be, for the first few rounds. But then things start to get tricky. The fun part is whenever you hit the arrow in any part of your “friend”, the game ends and you will have to start over.


-Instruction :

Enough with all the salesman tactics, let’s get to the game. To start the game, click on the box with the all caps “START GAME”. You will be redirect into the game screen with a blue shirt man holding a bow and arrow. Notice that when you move your mouse, the guy’s hand will move and so will the bow and arrow. Above the blue shirt man is a marked circle with a green hand that moves correspond to the bow and arrow, which you can use to determine the right angles for the subsequent shots. Right above the circle is a long box which will indicate the power of the shot. In front of the shooter or on the right of your game screen is the blue shirt dude’s “friend” that agrees to do this extremely dangerous trick with no precaution. Yep, a friend worth dying for. We will call this dude Smith. When you hold your left click on the mouse, the blue shirt dude will power his shot, indicate by the long box mentioned before ( the longer you hold, the stronger the shot). Moving the mouse will change the angle of the shot, thus changing the course of the arrow. In order to make a good shot that will eventually hit the apple and not Smith, you need to adjust the right angle and power. The game will be tricky for the first few times, but when you get the hang of it, Apple Shooter is going to be a blast. Oh, and the gore is pretty graphic but also hilarious, so maybe hitting Smith a few times can be an entertainment for the twisted minds.

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