Uphill Rush 5

Uphill Rush 5Here comes the fifth installment of the Uphill Rush that is expected to bring more fun and challenge to the players. The Uphill Rush 5, unlike the previous versions, has additional levels, tactics and hard channels for players to earn the points. The players will have an opportunity to perform even more crazy stunts as he/her tries to maneuver the character through the giant water park. It is not another easy computer game that you will master your way through all the levels within a few days like in the previous editions; this one will require more dedication. But how is this version 5 going to be controlled? Here is how: Controlling the Uphill Rush 5, though easy, will require you to press the right key at the right time. The arrows keys are for direction, up for north, down for south that the other two for right and left direction. The space bar/key you will press when you want to perform stunts, the X key is for activating turbo (turbo helps move in a higher speed) and the M key is for displaying the map for your direction. Also if you like flash games try Rooftop Sniper for free at https://rooftopsnipersunblocked.com.

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