Cubefield Unblocked version guide

In today’s age, smartphone games have taken over the lives of millions of people around the world. A lot of the credit for popularizing the mobile gaming market must go to the endless runner genre, some like puzzle games, others enjoy sports games like Soccer Heads Unblocked for example. Even today we see plenty of these games in the ‘most popular’ sections of app stores. Huge corporations have also gotten on board and have started to license their IP’s like the Minions from ‘Despicable Me’ to make endless runner games. But rewind to a few decades ago and you realize that this genre was already out there. These games were some of the first-ever computer games to be made. They were simple to code, took up little space and were easy to pick up and play, and were thus ideal for the earlier computers.


Cubefield Unblocked is a throwback to these earlier computer games. It lacks the flash, the depth or the graphics when compared to the current crop of endless runner games but it takes us back to the early days of the genre. It is a flash-based game that is playable on most internet browsers provided one has a flash player installed.

The player controls a black arrow-like object through obstacles in the form of blocks. It has a third-person camera angle from behind the object being controlled which gives a 3 dimensional perspective of the world. The objective is to keep away from the blocks. Crashing into one of these blocks ends the game. Points are collected automatically as the arrow moves forward. The longer you stay away from the blocks, the more points you gather.

The controls for Cubefield are as simple as they could possibly be. The object is steered using the left and the right arrows on the keyboard. The controls are neither oversensitive nor unresponsive. It is somewhere in between in the optimum zone and that makes it fairly easy to control and master. The game can be paused in the middle of a run by using the P key. The Q key can be used to change the video quality of the game to optimize it for a given computer.

Cubefield unblocked

Final Thoughts:
Once a run has finished , one can see their score on that run and the main screen shows the highest score achieved. The game keeps the screen from getting monotonous by using various shades of yellow and orange for the blocks. This also helps in distinguishing between different blocks once the screen gets overloaded with them. Being an online game one wishes it had a global leaderboard but considering the simplicity of the game a local high score is not too bad either.

Unblocked version of the Cubefield is a great time waster and its quick gameplay style ensures one can play it anytime and anywhere.

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