Review of Raze 2

Review of Raze 2
Raze 2 is an arena shooting game from Armor Games. Amor has produced many free online and mobile games in different genres. Raze 2 enables you to arm yourself with various weapons , abilities and equipment to fight alien race while saving the human race. You get to choose your own player appearance and maneuver through the arena with environmental hazards. You can also chose to become the enemy and fight for its destruction.

Game Play
Game Play:

The game is based on year 2118 when aliens attack the human race again, if you are interested in other similar popular game check The only survival chance for the humans is to obtain alien artifacts. These make a powerful shield when linked and activated correctly. The humans have to go to war to obtain them in order to protect the planet from being destroyed by a large meteor shower. The aliens have also created a zombie virus that turns humans into reckless zombies. A group of soldiers called Raze Task Force was deployed to stop the threat and only the player survived. The mission in hacked Raze 3 is to obtain the artifacts while killing aliens and zombies. You have to survive with or without help from the team. The action in this game is moving constantly which requires you to move too. If you stay one place the enemies will flank and outmaneuver you. You should also take good positions since targets will spawn all over the arena. It is advisable to memorize some set routes across some stages in order to gain control of every round. The game has four modes namely; Moon Coprses Mode, Unlimited Armor Mode, 4 Times Health Mode, Lol Cats Mode. These are activated by selecting a special mode option .The weapons in Raze 2 include a rail gun, laser minigun and sniper gun among others. The modes are associated with different rewards for instance walking into a giant heart in 4 Times Health Mode earns you a medal. In each round you are granted credits to purchase new abilities, upgrades and other items. There are also kill bonuses which depend with the type of shot. Both the human and alien modes have a total of 15 levels.


Raze 2 features simple controls like downloadable ssf 2. The W, A, S, D and arrow keys are for movement. The mouse is used to aim and shoot while blowing stuff up. Q and E are used to switch weapons. Keys 1 to 9 are used for specific weapon selection. F and Crtl are for special abilities. The Escape and P are used for pausing the game. The space key is used for jumping.

Raze 2 is a fast and fun game with a streamlined gameplay. It provides many game play options thus making it enjoyable. This free game provides a new experience in 2d shooting by being configured in amazing crisis environments.

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